The US Is A Country In Crisis

The US is a country in Crisis.  By this I mean that the economy of the US is in a state of crisis but just how bad is it?  Opinions vary from one of mild concern to believing it to be on the verge of total collapse.

One sign that the US is a country in crisis is that the value of the dollar continues its steady decline, excelerated by the Fed, in its attempt to prop up the economy by printing more and more of them. This method of creating currency out of thin air, backed by nothing more than the word of the US government, is a primary reason for the decline in it’s value. There is no easy way to solve the resulting inflation. What the Feds will come up with next remains to be seen.

Another sign that the US is a country in crisis is the budget deficit and the resulting increase in the national debt, now completely out of control with no end in sight. We have gone from the largest creditor nation in the world to the largest debtor nation in the world.

We are approaching the point where the revenue available will not even cover the interest on the national debt. Yet the attempt by the “Super Committee”, created to find a solution to the increasing debt, failed to come to an agreement as to how to even begin to reduce the deficit. The two parties are simply too opposite in their views to agree on anything. The US will never be able to pay off the national debt, and it continues to grow.

A sure sign that the US is a country in crisis is that some economists now believe that the only way to pay down the debt is to print even more money, making the true value of that debt less. Unfortunately, that also makes the value of the dollars in your bank account worth even less.

Even though the government cannot come up with a solution for the fact that the US is a country in crisis, there are some actions that you can take to prepare yourself for the future. The first is to protect yourself against the declining dollar by exchanging some of those dollars for assets that retain their value. Assets like real estate, land, and precious metals like gold and silver. Although the value of these assets can vary greatly, they will never be worth nothing. In the following video, you will hear Mike Maloney, noted expert on precious metals, explain why you should consider adding gold and silver to your asset pool.

The decision is yours. I will not suggest that you invest in any or all of these assets, but only say that fortunes have been made by timely investments in solid assets which, unlike the dollar, at least have the potential to increase in value.

The second way to prepare yourself for a country in crisis is to add additional income streams. One increasingly popular way to do that is by starting your own network marketing business. Network marketing offers the only way to start a business, that can be done part time, without interfering with your other job or business, and without a substantial and risky investment.

There are many Network Marketing businesses to chose from, some requiring very little up front investment. Most offer a way to build long term residual income based on the leverage of earning on the efforts of others. This is the ONLY way that most people will ever be able to build their own business and create wealth. With few exceptions, EVERYONE should be involved in a Network Marketing business of some kind.

For more about network marketing, look for other posts on this website.

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